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vlGEM is a locked Balancer 80/20 GEM-ETH BPT that will facilitate Opal's DAO governance. Locks last for 16 weeks. With vlGEM you will earn:

  • $GEM boost rewards
  • 50% of the protocol's generated fees

Once the BPT locked in the vote escrow contract a holder will continue to earn fees on their Balancer liquidity.

Liquidity Allocation Vote (LAV)

Vote to change the new Balancer pool weights for each Omnipool. The weight of a Balancer pool determines how much of an Omnipool's liquidity the Balancer pool should receive.

LAVs are currently being held on Snapshot.org.

Gem Allocation Vote (GAV)

Vote to change the allocation of Opal's liquidity mining between the omnipools. The $vlGEM amount you vote with will make up your share of the total vote.

OmnipoolCurrent RateNew Rate

wstETH Omnipool


rETH Omnipool


WETH Omnipool


weETH Omnipool


USDC Omnipool


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